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On Demand Social Media Consulting


Does this sound like you?

+ You understand the importance of social media for business and brand building, but you can't figure how to make it work for your brand specifically.

+ You've been using social media for your brand for a while, you aren't seeing any real growth or results, and you're not sure what to change.

+ You need constructive criticism to tell you what continue, what to stop, and what to add to make a real difference in your digital marketing efforts.

+ You're not ready to hire a full time social media manager, but you still need the help of an experienced professional.


Get On Demand Social Media Consulting. 

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What's Included:

+ A comprehensive list of ways to improve your social media pages

+ A comprehensive list of relevant social media trends and how to implement them into your own strategy

+ A comprehensive list of content and campaign ideas + tips on creating and curating on-brand content

+ An analysis of your industry's leaders and their social media presence + how you can compete

+ A constructively criticized list of things you should stop doing that may be sabotaging your current efforts

+ Freestyle Q&A: Detailed answers to three (3) of your most pressing social media/digital marketing questions

+ BONUS: 10% off any other service, including social media management and design (one time use)


Your Investment

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How It Works:

1. Select your service option (1, 2, or 3 platforms) and submit your payment (via credit card).

2. Within 24 hours, you'll receive a follow up email confirming your service. In your confirmation email, you will receive access to a required questionnaire to be completed promptly. (Services booked on weekends or holidays will receive a confirmation email on the nearest upcoming business day.)

3. You'll receive your completed On Demand Social Media Consult audit in 5 business days following completion of your questionnaire. The audit will be delivered in the form of Word document. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this service require in-person or phone meetings?

A: No. This is a 100% virtual service. The purpose is to deliver on-demand, quick turnaround results. Communication will be limited to email. Your results will be delivered in a Word document.


Q: Which and how many social media platforms does the service include?

A: Eligible platforms to be audited: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn Business. The service includes your choice of up to three (3) platforms. Profiles must be public. 


Q: I only have one social media profile to be audited. Do I have to pay for three?

A: No! Simply select the 1-profile option at checkout.


Q: If I'm unhappy with the result, can I request a refund?

A: Due to the digital nature of this service, there is a strict no refunds policy. However, I'm committed to ensuring you are satisfied with your audit through follow up communication. If for whatever reason you wish to cancel your service before we begin, you must submit a cancellation email to victoria@thecapitalv.com within 24 hours after submitting your payment to receive a refund (minus a $5 processing fee). Once the 24 hour grace period has expired, no refunds will be processed. If you're unsure if this service is right for you, contact me with any questions before submitting your payment. 


Q: How do I redeem the 10% off future service offer?

A: When you're ready to book another service, simply mention the On Demand Social Media Consulting Service in your initial inquiry and I'll apply the discount to your quote. If you'd like to use the 10% off offer for an additional audit (for example, you have two businesses with separate social media platforms), send an email to victoria@thecapitalv.com for a custom payment option.


Let's improve your brand's social media presence.

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"Victoria understands the best forms of social media practice and masters the voice of each platform.”

—Andrea Kindarji, President of Les Façons

“Victoria is like the conductor in the symphony of content.”

—Venetia Pristavec, Owner of EquallyAsLucky Studios