Why You Should Use Quizzes To Grow Your Audience Online

If you're a freelancer, business owner, blogger, influencer, or anyone else who makes a living online, you need a creative way to grow an audience full of people who actually want and need what you're selling. While social media offers many benefits, we don't actually own the platforms we spend so much of our time on. That's why it's crucial to build your own platform in the online space, in the form of a website and email list. In fact, an email list is one of the most powerful marketing tools of today because it allows an engaging one-on-one conversation between you and your potential client, customer, or consumer. Plus, when it's time to promote a service, product, or message, you have a targeted list of warm leads who've already decided they like you (after all, they allowed you into their inbox!).

The best way to grow your email list is typically with a lead magnet -- something enticing you offer your audience in exchange for their email address, like a free ebook or a discount on a new product. My new favorite? A quiz!

Creating quizzes is an amazing and highly effective way to grow your email list because they're fun, easy, and creative, and people love learning about themselves. You can create a quiz relevant to your industry or niche to better understand your target audience and the way they think. Plus, you can segment your quiz takers according to their answers and guide them to the appropriate sales funnel based on their needs, all while growing your email list as they subscribe to learn more about their results. And thanks to Interact, quiz-making is super easy.


How It Works

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Step 1: Choose your quiz type and question. Interact provides a bunch of templates to guide you (or you can create yours from scratch). My favorite is the "Personality" quiz type. If you're a wedding planner, your quiz may be "What kind of wedding venue is best for me?" to attract potential bridal clients. If you're a brand copy writer, you might go for "What's your brand voice?" to attract clients who may need your help refining their message. The goals for creating your quiz should be to 1) attract the type of people you want to help and 2) get them to realize what help they actually need.


Step 2: Create your questions, responses, and results. Ideally, each quiz result addresses a different type of person or a different type of need, so you should map the answers to the proper result. In my own quiz, "Does your brand need a social media manager?" I ask a series of questions to gauge how much help the quiz taker needs to build their brand on social media. Depending on the way they answer, I can tell if they need a social media audit, social media consulting, or a professional social media manager. Then my calls-to-action guide each type of person into their respective sales funnels (because a blogger who needs a $250 social media audit has vastly different needs than a start up owner with a $5,000 monthly marketing budget.)

When creating your own quiz, think about your target clients or consumers and how they would answer the questions. The builder tool in Interact helps you choose which responses correlate to which results, so you don't have to be a rocket scientist to plan your quiz.


Step 3: Connect your email list. Once you've created your quiz, you should connect your email list (such as in MailChimp or ConvertKit) to better segment your audience based on their results. For example, someone who takes my quiz and gets "You need a social media audit" will be added to my Social Media Tips email list where I send free tips to small brands. Someone who takes the quiz and gets "You need a social media manager" will be added to my company's potential clients list. I can then nurture each lead according to what phase they are in of their brand building journey.

You can also take it a step further and create specific email sequences for every result, such a 5 day email course on your subject of expertise or an introduction to your blog. By learning more about that person (based on their answers), you can tailor each email to speak directly to their pain points and needs, rather than collect one general list full of random people with nothing in common.


Step 4: Share your new quiz! Interact allows for easy sharing -- embed or make a pop up on your website, share it on social media platforms like Facebook, and more. The more you share it (and the more those who take it share it), the more quiz takers you'll attract, generating new subscribers, and more importantly, new leads. 


With a plethora of options, customizations, and features, you can build a lead generating machine that your audience actually wants to participate in. Click HERE to start using Interact for your brand and watch your email list and potential client base grow.


What's your favorite way to attract new people to your brand online?