What if God IS actually saving you for someone?

What if God is really saving you for someone?

What if the cause of our long-standing singledom is the simple fact that someone out there is currently praying to God to save us for them?

I was listening to one of my Pandora stations last night, and Bryson Tiller’s “Exchange” started to play.

“Lord, please save her for me. Do this one favor for me.” 

Everyone loved that line when the single first dropped last year. It was like the hurt anthem of every player who’s lost a good girl and hoping to win her back.

And even though I like the song a lot, every time I would hear that part, I’d roll my eyes. I mean, part of it sounds sweet. He loves her. But clearly he messed up. Why should she have to wait for him to put aside his “player ways” anyway? Let her move on with her life and find someone who appreciates her the first time around. I’d think to myself, “Deal with the consequences, Bryson!” 

But it’s like something clicked in my mind last night when I heard the song again. What if we’re being saved for the person who’s been praying for someone like us this whole time? 

We’ve all heard those clichés: that God is saving you for someone special, that being the apple at the top of the tree takes time to reach, that good things come to those who wait.

But what if they’re not just some feel good clichés? What if it’s actually God’s will? 

Throughout my young adulthood, I’ve quickly learned the meaning of patience. Nothing has gone my way thus far in life, and as depressing as that’s supposed to sound, it’s always been worth it. God has never made me wait for anything in life without a reason. 

It’s easy to accept the “journey” in our careers, in finding our passions, in losing weight, in building friendships. We acknowledge it takes time. 

So, why do we become so pessimistic with love?     

What if all the boring dates, confusing situationships, dry text conversations, broken hearts, and Valentine’s Days spent alone on your couch are actually the ugly symptoms of a beautiful plan? Growing pains.

What if God is actually saving us from ourselves, saving us from making mistakes with the wrong ones, and redirecting us over and over until we finally sit down, throw our hands up, and say, “Okay, God! You take control.”

Cause isn’t that how God works? 

They say nothing leaves until it teaches you a lesson. What if all of the losers you attract are tests you’ve yet to pass? What if God allows you to fall into faux love with men you don’t need because you refuse to follow His instructions?

It’s like parents who tell you not to touch the hot stove, but your stubborn ass can’t help but touch it. And they let you get burned. Not so much to kill you, but enough to let you know not to do it again.

He knows who and what He wants for us, but we keep plucking forbidden fruit off trees He tells us not to touch. God keeps giving us choices, to get burned or to not get burned, and it’s up to us to make the right one. 

That’s why now when I hear that God is saving us for someone, it doesn't sound so cliché anymore.

What if, right now, someone is praying for someone like you? And God is answering that person’s prayer by setting you apart? By keeping you away from what you think you want.

It sounds kind of cruel on one hand. Like dear future husband: can I least have a good time in the meantime? Sheesh. Way to be possessive.

But wouldn’t you want the same? To pray to God for something and He grant your wish? To ask for your soulmate to be set aside for you until the two of you are ready to cross paths?

I’m an optimist. At least I’m working hard every day to become one. So, I might sound like a hopeless romantic. (Which I am unashamedly, with the rom-com trivia badge of honor to prove it).

I think faith and optimism go hand in hand. If your relationship with God is strong enough, the impossible seems achievable, and the far-fetched doesn’t seem nearly as far. You have to trust Him and trust in knowing that the person whom He's saving you for is everything you'll ever want.

Instead of complaining about being alone, it’s way more comforting to know that this temporary state has a purpose. You’re a piece in a plan being perfectly executed by God, and your only job is to sit tight and wait it out. And while the wait may be frustrating at times, it’s worth it.

So, I’ll take some inspiration from Bryson Tiller’s lyrics (minus the player ways and whatnot) and simply say, “Yes, Lord. You can save me for him.”

Because at the end of the day, anything God makes you wait for is always way better than what you would have sought out on your own.