Power Recap: Season 4, Episode 9

Let's talk about Power.

This season has been one hell of a roller coaster ride. From Ghost getting sent to the slammer to Tariq sipping lean out of a soda can, it's been one gut-wrenching series of unfortunate events.

This episode was especially eventful, full of drama, arguments, affairs, backstabbing, and eventually (and always), death. As we make our way to the season finale next week, so much is happening and I can barely keep up:

Ghost, I mean, James can't catch a break. Once he's finally deemed innocent following Mike Sandoval's arrest, he gets an offer from Simon Stern to partner in a real estate business deal as repayment for the money he loaned Tasha. After all, James's minority status affords Stern tax breaks, and Ghost wants to be seen as a legit businessman. But Stern, being the crook that he is, attempts to take home all the bacon himself. Councilman Tate says #NotTodaySatan, and reminds Stern (and the board voters) that as the majority owner, James is due his 51 percent share paycheck. Unfortunately, just when James thinks he has a friend and genuine partner in the councilman, he's now tasked by Tate to make sure the "community liaison" is "kept whole."  I have no idea what that means, but it doesn't sound too good. Meanwhile, his best friend is running around like a high chicken, a girl he once held hostage back in his kingpin days now recognizes him, and his wife is back at the crib caking with his former lawyer. Sadderday.

As if Angela putting on her cape for James at his trial and taking down Sandoval as the mole and murderer wasn't enough to add to her save-the-day résumé, she now gets promoted to Head of Criminal at the Department of Justice. This girl is like a cat with nine lives. While I give her props for (eventually) doing the right thing during James's trial, I'm still not a fan. When James sees her at the gala, he gets all googley-eyed as his high school butterflies begin to flutter once more. We've been through enough with these two. God forbid they get back together. *Insert dramatic eye roll*

Dre is on my hit list. I almost hate him more than I hated Angela in seasons 1-3, which says a lot. Because I hate Valdes with a passion. Dre thinks he has the boss sauce, but he doesn't. Sure, things may be going his way for now (barely), but once Ghost finds out Dre knew Tariq was in danger, Tommy finds out he plotted against him, and Kanan finds out he set him up to get killed, his days will be numbered, as if they aren't already. I look forward to his funeral.

Speaking of Kanan: Watching him take down three guys alone was super lit. #YouGoKanan (Sidenote: Am I the only one who predicts Ghost and Kanan will team up again soon?)

Tommy is back on that white girl. And I'm not talking about Holly. Between finding out his father is the very alive Tony Teresi and his entire organization walking away from him (thanks to Dre), he's desperate, irate, and simply all over the damn place. He's snorting coke, head butting Ghost, starting drug wars, threatening to kill his mom, and trying (yet failing) to manipulate Keisha into cleaning money in the weave shop again. Issa mess. I hope he gets it together soon and gets Dre outta here in the process. With his newfound father's killer army at his command, he just might.

Keisha didn't fall for Tommy's BS. And as much I wanted to see Tommy find a way to get the money, I'm glad she didn't let him run game on her. She wants something real, and he can't give her that. Until Tommy confronts himself about Holly and heals that dark part of his heart, it's best they go their separate ways.

Tasha is lovesick with Mr. Cornball. Seriously, I don't see the attraction. They're going to get caught up eventually, and I'll be sipping my tea when they do.

Tariq has been Crash Dummy #1 this entire season. He thinks his Upper East Side ass can play the street game, but he has no idea what he's doing. Up until now, he only put himself in danger. But as he falls further and further into this lifestyle of robbery and murder, not even a prep school in Connecticut can save him. Ray Ray shows up at his school to kill him, but Raina, being the protective sister that she is, takes the bullet instead. Witnessing his sister murdered in cold blood is going to traumatize him forever. He is not about this life.

Which brings me to Raina. Unfortunately, I already knew about her inevitable death, thanks to a spoiler on social media. But my heart still breaks for her. She was smart, caring, a good student, and a good daughter. And she loved her brother more than anything. #Loyalty. Her sweet spirit and intuition will be missed. (Seriously. Julio and Raina in one season? What did they ever do to deserve such a fate?) Tasha and James are going to be devastated; this loss is undoubtedly the worst thing to happen to their family since the show's inception. I expect everyone to lose it. 

According to next week's previews, the family finds out about Raina's murder, and Ghost and Tommy go into attack mode. Everything is about to hit the fan, and the anticipation is killing me. If the finale is anything like these past few weeks, we're in for another wild ride. 

What did you think about this episode? What are your predictions? Share in the comments below!