Life Upgrades: Creating An Instagram Vision Board

I'm not big on vision boards. I always plan to make one at the beginning of the new year, but I always forget about it until mid-August and it’s nearly time to make a new one. 

But I've recently found a different way to "vision board" that's way more inspiring for me: using Instagram! I created a second account, and I use it to post all the things I want to see happen in my life, everything from nice dinners and vacations to love and marriage. I write the captions in present tense to basically speak those things into existence - IG style. Writing my intentions for everything feels more powerful and helps me get into the mindset and feeling of having what I want. 

I also like it more than physical vision boarding because I can find the exact pictures of whatever I want online, versus thumbing through a million old magazines to find something vaguely similar. And since it's on my phone, I can look at it and add to it whenever I want.

Here's how you can make your own:

Create a new, private Instagram account.

I say private because I don't want anyone else's doubts and negative energy in my space -- even if it's digital (lol). A lot of things I want are personal, and I'm more comfortable keeping it for my eyes only. I know some people allow their friends and accountability partners to follow their pages to leave encouraging messages, so that's an option too.


Post pictures of the things you want.

With a physical vision board, you cut out pictures and quotes from magazines and books. With an Instagram vision board, you can find pictures from all over the Internet to save and post. My feed is filled with pictures of things I want, places I want to go, and symbols of love, peace, happiness, and abundance. It's your space so do whatever makes you feel good.

Here’s a screenshot of mine as an example:


Write your intention as the caption.

For example, if I post a picture of a resort in Santorini, I'll caption it something like "I'm spending summer 2019 here in Santorini at this amazing resort." Or you could even write in the present tense, "I'm having so much fun here at this resort!" Do what feels real to you. Just like Neville Goddard famously said: the feeling is the secret.

Reflect back whenever you need inspiration.

Even if I don't have anything new to add to my vision board feed, I like to go back often to reflect on the images and intentions, especially after I've meditated. You don't want obsess over them or become too attached, but it's always nice to remind yourself of what you're working for. The best feeling ever is looking back at what you posted after it's manifested -- like damn, I did that! 

Making a digital vision board on Instagram is fun and easy, and I encourage everyone to give it a try — especially if physical vision boards don't really work for you.

Have fun and enjoy!

Victoria JacksonComment