How To Reclaim Your Own Time

Simplify Your Schedule

Our obsession with working day in and day out, adding more to our plates than they can even hold, balancing full time jobs and part time jobs and businesses and brands and side hustles and blogs and projects and events and happy hours and brunches and housewarmings and dates and trips and a boatload of other shit that you can't remember because you're so damn busy.

You're going to hustle yourself into an early grave. 

One afternoon when I was in college, I called my mom crying. "I have these tests and these meetings and I told my friend I would help her with this and I told my friend I would help him with that and my homework and my internship and and and and." 

She told me, "Stop. Take a nap. And when you wake up, figure out what you NEED to do and let everything else go."

Ever since that conversation, whenever I feel my anxiety flaring and stress taking over, I stop, go to sleep, and the next morning, reprioritize. What is truly necessary? What can I put off for my own sanity? What can I remove from my schedule to allow myself to focus on what's truly important and will bring me peace of mind? 

Don't be a slave to your own schedule. Don't allow the rat race to success make you miss out on the phase of life you're living in right now.


Stop Living For Notifications

Thanks to cell phones, the internet, and fast-paced technology, we live in an instant gratification society. The second we get a text, we pounce like a cat. When we send a text to others, we expect that same urgency. Unfortunately, we've become slaves to our own literal devices. The little red dots on each app drive us crazy until we find time to finally get rid of them. We dangerously text and drive because sending 'LOL' in the group chat is more important than our own lives. We expect lightning fast replies and phone calls answered on the first ring. Because whatever we have to say is always more important than whatever the person on the other end of the line has going on.

I make it very known to people I first meet that I am not the type to text back and forth all day. It takes me a long time to respond sometimes, longer than I like to admit. (Hello, self-awareness.) If it doesn't require a response, I won't make one up. The conversation is now over. I don't pick up the phone when I'm in work mode. I don't stress myself out about responding to emails right away (unless it's for an opportunity I'm hella pressed about.)  And guess what? People deal with it. What other choice do they have?

In order to reclaim your time from others, you have to give up people pleasing. When your only concern is what others think, you'll live your life on their time instead of yours. 

Don't let notifications run your life. Our parents lived without them, and so can we.


Be Wary of Time Wasters 

People are certified time wasters. People waste my time all the time, and I'm sure I've wasted the time of others.

I'm talking about those people who slide into your inbox wanting to "link up and build." You hop on the phone only to realize they don't even know what they want to build in the first place.

The guy who swarms around your inbox, asking you 21 questions, none of which are "When are you free for dinner?" Months later all you're left with is wasted unlimited texts and someone to FaceTime when you're bored.

The person who asks to pick your brain; the person who asks for free work; the person who's always asking for your advice yet is nowhere to be found when you need the same. The flaky; the phony; the people who are clearly not on the same wavelength as you are.

Your time is valuable. Anyone should be honored to date you, work with you, and enjoy your friendship. Stop wasting your time on mediocre interaction, ventures that may or may not even happen, and people who wouldn't waste their own precious time on you.


How will you reclaim your time?