Gaining Followers on a New Social Account

Gaining followers on a new social media account is hard. You might be a new business owner who is jumping on the social media wave for the first time. Or you might be expanding your current social media presence by taking on a new platform. 

Growing your followers once you've picked up some momentum usually isn't the problem. It's the starting from scratch part that gets most people stuck in a rut. Celebrities with huge fan bases can pop up on social media one day and amass over a million followers by the next morning. That's because people already know who they are. The rest of us are nameless, until we make a name for ourselves, especially in the online space. 

If you're starting from scratch with zero followers to your name, here are four tips that will you help you gain an audience on that new account.

Follow People

Put your pride aside and follow people first. I get it -- no one wants to be "that guy" who follows 407 people with only 3 people following back. But you have to start somewhere.  Try following 5-10 new people on a daily basis (or more if you feel inclined to do so). Please keep in mind: Following a bunch of randoms and then unfollowing them once they've followed back is a tacky strategy. Plus, once they realize what you did, they'll probably just unfollow you too. The key is only following those who will add value to your brand's timeline. Not only will you be able to connect with likeminded people, brands, and businesses, but you also will be able to grow an organic, mutually beneficial following in the process.

Like and Comment   

What's the best way to break the ice with a stranger? Giving them a compliment. Liking and commenting on social media is the equivalent to a compliment in the digital world, and they are great ways to get noticed online. Double tapping someone's picture on Instagram or leaving a genuine comment on a Facebook post may prompt them to check out your page, especially if they don't recognize your name. Introduce yourself, and make yourself noticed.

Use Hashtags

A lot of people think they're too cool for hashtags. And maybe if you're only on social media for kicks and giggles, then they might be unnecessary. But when you're building a business online, using hashtags on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook, will allow you to tap into huge new audiences. Social media is all about discoverability, and using hashtags is the perfect way to get discovered. Do research on the best hashtags in your industry, those that your target audience are most likely to search, and then add them to your social media content wherever appropriate.

Join a Chat or Group

Want to grow your Twitter audience? Join in on a few Twitter chats. Want to grow your Facebook page? Join a Facebook community and promote your link when directed. Just made a LinkedIn profile? Join an industry group to network online and establish new contacts. As long as you follow the chat or group admin's rules, you're free to seize whatever opportunity for promotion that arises. Plus, it's a great way to network online, which is what social media is really all about.

Starting from the bottom on social media is an uphill battle, but with these four tips, you should be well on your way to growing your new account.