How To Better Promote Your Event Online

Whether you're promoting a new launch for your business or hosting a fun experience in your local town, having a creative marketing plan is key to making your event stand out.

Blasting a link to a basic Eventbrite page isn't an event marketing strategy and doesn't do much to generate excitement. Instead leverage social media, email, and the web to reach maximum exposure.

Here are seven ways you should promote your next event online to build buzz and attract attendees:



Many local online publications allow event submissions from the general public. Search the publication's website for a "Submit Your Event" page (or something similar), and then follow the submission guidelines. If you feel your event is news worthy, you can even try pitching it to a few editors via email for a full feature. Publications are taste makers in what events are worth attending in the city, so getting on their radar, either through a site submission or an email pitch, is always worth the effort.



Not only are news editors taste makers for what's hot, online influencers, such as bloggers and social media content creators, are also key targets to pitch your event to. Think back to high school. If the most popular kids were going to a party, then the party was worth going to. Influencer marketing works the same way. Send VIP invites for the event to popular influencers (and give them a little special treatment when they get there) in exchange for a shoutout or two on social media. Your event is now exposed to their huge audience, which is often way larger than your own.



Create a short, sweet, and catchy hashtag for your event to be used on social media. It brings a level of cohesiveness to your promotions efforts, especially if you'll be pubbing your event across multiple social media channels. People can easily find information and updates by simply following the hashtag. Encourage influencers and attendees to use the hashtag as well, before, during, and after the event to share photos, videos, quotes, and other fun content. This strategy also leaves a digital footprint for your event and your brand for many months and years to come.



When using a ticketing site such as Eventbrite or Eventful, it's important to fully customize the page to make the best impression. After all, the ticket page is where the magic (and money) happens. Take advantage of any color scheme, font, or design options to help you match the brand identity of your event. You should also fill out all aspects of the page to provide as much information for your attendees as possible, including dates, times, attire, special guests, itineraries, your social media pages, and your event website. Lastly, if possible, create a custom URL for your event. It's easier to share and remember, and it simply looks better. 



Love it or hate it, Facebook is arguably the most dominating social media network in the world; nearly everyone has a profile. Use Facebook's size and power to your advantage by promoting your event on the platform. Instead of only creating a simple calendar invite, take it to the next level by dedicating an official Facebook page to your event. You'll be able to run ad campaigns, share a variety of content, and continuously build your audience over time to better promote any future happenings. 



In addition to building a Facebook page, you should also create an email list for your event (or brand in general) to keep in touch with your audience. Email marketing is highly effective because it's direct, and everyone checks their email often. Entice people to subscribe by offering a ticket discount or another special offer. You can then send important details, reminders, and creative promotions to get people excited. After the event is over, continue nurturing your list over time to keep your subscribers in the know, especially if you plan on hosting another similar event in the future.



Running a free ticket giveaway is a great way to build excitement and get people online talking about your event. Require entrants to share something on social media, such as an Instagram flyer repost or a retweet on Twitter. Your event's reach will grow exponentially as more and more people share to enter. If your event is free to attend, consider promoting a special prize giveaway or VIP treatment. Plus, it's always fun to give back to your community to show your appreciation.