4 Simple Ways To Become More Productive

Productivity is a big lifestyle buzz word, I know. But it's no secret that there's a direct correlation between productivity and success. After all, how can you be successful if you never get anything done? Over the past few months, I've been focused on kicking my productivity into overdrive, accomplishing more than I ever have on a daily basis. Here are four changes I've implemented in my life to which I credit my recent bursts of work productivity:

Touch it once.

Recently, I found a piece of million dollar advice from an online business guru: touch it once. This idea has seriously transformed the way I work and has skyrocketed my productivity more than anything else. Not just in my career, but also in my everyday lifestyle. "Touch it once" means literally just that. Only touch things once. Once you open up that email, don't close it and wait to touch it later. Send a reply now. Once you take your laundry out the dryer, don't set it down and wait to fold it later. Fold it now. Sometimes it takes longer to write a to-do list than it does to actually complete the tasks on it. Apply the "touch it once" mentality to your everyday life, and I can almost guarantee it'll make a big difference.


Do the worst thing first.

Procrastination is the ultimate enemy of personal progress. Procrastination mostly stems from us dreading whatever task we're supposed to get done. Everything isn't going to be pleasant. All work isn't fun, even if we're passionate about it. However, putting it off until the last minute (or never doing it at all) will surely hold us back. To help combat common procrastination, start doing the worst or hardest things first. When you start work in the morning, it's tempting to begin with what's easiest. However, if you do what you dread the most first, the rest of your day will be a breeze. I like to model my to-do list with one major task in the morning, when I'm most alert and creative, and I save the easy tasks for my afternoon slump. 


Find a new place to work.

Working in the wrong atmosphere can be a complete blow to your creativity, especially if you work remotely. Although I'm not a scientist, I've learned that your brain associates certain places with certain feelings. If you're always working in your bedroom, your brain will associate work with sleep and sleep with work — a bad deal on both sides. Get out of your room and even out of your house when you're working on that big project, and head to your local Starbucks (or try out different indie coffee shops in your city; they're even better). I noticed a huge spike in my productivity when I stopped working from my bedroom and started venturing outside.


Actually work on Fridays.

By the time Friday rolls around, I'm ready to pop a bottle of champagne (both figuratively and literally) and celebrate the ending of a long, sometimes stressful, week. It's so easy to get distracted by the thrill of the upcoming days off that we mentally check out. It's pretty much the weekend, right? Wrong! Friday is just as important as any other day of the week, and BSing our way through it doesn't do us any favors. Finish the week with a bang, and save the partying for later that night.


Being productive, not just busy, on a daily basis is something we all must master to become more successful and to accomplish our goals. These four tips have tremendously changed the way I work, and I'm sure they'll help you too.