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Gaining Followers on a New Social Account

Gaining followers on a new social media account is hard. You might be a new business owner who is jumping on the social media wave for the first time. Or you might be expanding your current social media presence by taking on a new platform. 

Growing your followers once you've picked up some momentum isn't really the biggest problem. It's the starting from scratch part that gets most people stuck in a rut. Celebrities with huge fan bases can pop up on social media one day and have over a million followers by the next morning. That's because people already know who they are. The rest of us are nameless, until we make a name for ourselves, especially in the online space

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How To Find Press Opportunities

Unless you're Beyoncé or Oprah, press opportunities don't just fall into your lap. You have to go after them. Whenever I'm performing media outreach on behalf of a client, I have a few "go to" methods that have proven to be the most effective. 

Knowing how to find press opportunities for yourself or your brand may seem impossible, but if you use these tools, your next feature might be closer than you think.

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PR Strategies For Creative Business Owners

When I tell people, especially small business owners and entrepreneurs, that I work in PR, nine times out of ten, they're not totally clear about what I do. 

It's understandable. It took me three semesters of college to fully grasp the concept of what PR is, let alone how it can help small brands and businesses.

But the reality is that PR isn't just for big corporations or about celebrity scandals and stunts. It's a strategic process that fosters community, relationships, buzz, press, loyalty, and pretty much everything else you need to build a successful brand.

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