A Peaceful New Years Eve Ritual

Aside from going to church for the New Years Eve countdown celebration, I’ve never gone “out” for the holiday. You could say I’m a bit paranoid. From drunk driving to ridiculous Uber rates to expensive parties that only end up in fights and arrests, I am more than satisfied bringing in the new year from the comfort of my own home.

If you’re like me and want to experience a peaceful entry into 2019, here’s a simple evening ritual you can use to close out 2018 in comfort and luxury and to set your intentions for the New Year:

Clean and organize your home.

Take out the trash. Sweep. Wipe down the counters. Freshen up your bathroom. Put up your laundry.

Make your bed with fresh sheets.

Add a few more pillows to make it extra comfy. Go out and buy yourself a new fluffy throw blanket from Target or Ross, if you’d like. Make it look irresistible.

Take a warm shower or bubble bath.

Wash your hair. Groom your body. Use a bath bomb. Try the amazing smelling body wash you got for Christmas. Then put on a nice robe or pajama set that feels good against your skin.

Cleanse your face.

Use your favorite skincare system. Exfoliate. Mask. Moisturize. Apply oils. Look and feel fresh.

Put on a relaxing playlist.

Find one on Youtube or make your own using a mix of your favorite songs.

Light your room with candles.

Grab some from Target, Walmart, Bath and Body Works, even the dollar store. It’s a miracle how much candles can transform the vibe of your space.

Make a list of everything you want to leave in 2018.

Regrets, habits, mistakes, bad decisions, bad people. Write it all down. Burn it or throw it away.

Make a list of everything you want to experience in 2019.

Life goals, business goals, new habits, new things, new people. Write them all down and save it.

Meditate on those intentions.

Get in a comfy position on your bed or couch. Close your eyes. Sit still. Visualize all you’ve written down happening in your head. Set a timer so you don’t fall asleep (if you don’t want to). Meditate. Pray. Do what feels right.

Pour a glass.

Of champagne, wine, whiskey. Whatever you like. It is a holiday after all.

Watch the ball drop on TV.

Find your favorite channel and watch the countdown in Times Square. Toast to yourself when the clock strikes midnight.


Climb into your freshly made bed and relax knowing you did your absolute best this year and even better is yet to come.

Wake up to the best year of your life.

Then go out and make it so.

How will you spend your New Years Eve? Staying in or going out? Share your rituals or plans in the comments. xo V

Victoria JacksonComment