How To Wake Up at 5AM

I love to sleep. (Who doesn't?)

In the words of Jhene Aiko, "If I had it my way, I'd roll out of bed, say, 'bout 2:30 mid day."

I was never a morning person growing up. I was known to wait until the last possible minute to get up and go to class or work, and I could always be found still asleep in bed way past noon every Saturday.

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How To Get The Best Sleep Ever

There's nothing worse than wanting to sleep and not being able to. Whether you suffer from insomnia (like I used to) or you simply get restless at night (from thinking about all of your exciting ideas in life), losing out on valuable sleep time can wreak havoc in your daily routine. You're tired, you're groggy, you're not as focused, and your skin isn't at peak glow. All bad.

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